Hunkemöller is a leading women’s bodywear retailer in Western Europe with over 900 stores in 19 countries. Our customers are attracted by our distinct brand handwriting coupled with broad fashionable appeal. Our core markets comprise of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Denmark, Austria and Sweden. We offer a full range of products, including bras, underwear, nightwear, swimwear and beach coordinates, hosiery, beauty and sportswear. We’re growing rapidly and continuously evolving to ensure we always entice and excite customers.

At Hunkemöller we seek to constantly refresh and reinvigorate our collections through our continuous change in fashion and designs, and functionality based on shape and fit at affordable prices. The Hunkemöller brand is design-led with approximately 95% of products designed in-house by our global design team. Our goal is to make Hunkemöller the first choice for women across Europe and beyond by offering a combination of market-leading design-led products, a seamless customer experience, passionate staff delivering world class service and the clever use of new technology and social media to build lifetime loyalty.

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Seamless omni-channel shopping experiences

Europe is currently our main market and,  across this continent, the most significant growth in wider retail is being driven by digital commerce. Although we continue to deliver outstanding physical store results, it is digital that significantly contributes to our sales and EBITDAI growth. Our Shero’s need and want for the right product, in the right place at the right time and price, has not changed. What has and is continuing to change is the way our Sheroes shop: we give them more ways to be inspired, more channels to choose from and more shopping journey choices – these journeys are often enhanced by rapidly emerging location and personalised push/pull communications. Our simple goal of allowing customers to shop the way they want, when they want, means a potentially and increasingly complex operating model. Our challenge is to make this simplify and maximise the opportunities that digital retailing is providing.



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