With the rise of e-commerce, we have witnessed a significant change in the attitude of customers toward traditional retailing. Our customers are equipped with more information than ever, which allows them to actively compare products. The upside to this is that customers are coming into our stores specifically looking for products they have already browsed online. This means our stores are needed less as product showcases and more as centres of service and brand experience. We have invested significantly in our inspiring store concept and in continuously delivering and improving world-class service.

We entice customers into our stores with an attractive concept and elevate their experience with personal service from our staff. Because many customers browse the internet before they come to our stores, we see they are better informed and have a better understanding of what they are looking for. This gives us the opportunity to increase our conversion rates and average basket values. Our omni-channel services also help us to drive traffic back into our stores, as our customers often pick up their parcels, collect a reserved order, or return online orders at one of our stores. To capitalise on these visitors, our experienced staff are trained to upsell, resulting in a positive effect on our average basket value. This increased conversion and average basket value enables us to realise healthy like-for-like sales growth in our stores, creating a strong base for further expansion. In turn, a strong cover of stores providing order in store drives traffic to our webshop, leading to the exposure and growth of our online platform, alongside our offline platform.



Market leadership in Europe

Our aim is to become the market leader in Europe by protecting the markets where we are already a leader and growing our share in the remaining markets where we operate.


Russia is currently a 1.7bn bodywear market and will accelerate with growth of around 8% over the coming years. Hunkemöller sees itself well placed to take advantage of this major trend. With our strong focus on fashionable design and colour, which is must for the Russian consumer, Hunkemöller will attract a very fashion aware consumer. Our current research has been extremely positive in terms of fashionablity, design and affordability, giving us great confidence to drive our expansion plans in the country.

With a large population largely concentrated in the west, our main expansion focus will target Moscow and St Petersburgh, along with other key cities in western Russia. With the recent but rapidly growing online market, Hunkemöller will be able to capitalise on its experience and ‘know-how’ to leverage this growth to its fullest over the coming years. We plan to open 12 stores in 2018 and by the end of 2022 will have 66 stores.
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