The Podcast series ‘Love Letters From Hunkemöller’ will launch March 8th with curvy topmodel
Danielle van Grondelle

The series ‘Love letters from Hunkemöller’ is an ode to all inspiring women, makes you laugh and maybe even triggers you to start doing instead of thinking. So, take some tea and chocolate and enjoy the story of curvy topmodel Danielle van Grondelle!

 The ‘Love letters from Hunkemöller’ Podcast series are open, personal and fun. What better woman to start with than Danielle, who is one of the faces of the brand’s Celebrating Beauty campaign! Did you know Danielle actually wanted to become a pilot? And how proud she is of her bum! This is a big shout out to all women out there, be proud of yourself, no matter what!

Danielle: “I am very proud of the podcast we taped, where we talked about body positivity. And what better day to launch that then on International Women’s Day!”

Every two weeks on Friday a new Podcast will go live, with German influencer and model Ann-Kathrin Götze next in line! So, make sure to stay tuned!

 You can find the ‘Love Stories from Hunkemöller’ Podcasts on Spotify and iTunes. And follow @hunkemoller on Instagram and Facebook to see which woman is next! Join the conversation #lovelettershunkemoller.