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Hunkemöller Fashion Show 2020 #Unstoppable

#Unstoppable On March 10 the catwalk was Hunkemöller’s as the lingerie brand showed their newest collection via a livestream. It was an inspiring show where models such as Loiza Lamers, Fine Bauer, Lidia Santos and Manny Willie owned the stage. An interpretation of modern women, floral elements, inspired by art The simplicity and bright colours of Andy Warhol’s famous hibiscus artworks translate in playfully embroidered lace. Georgia o’Keeffe’s dreamy white rose reflects in a transparent ruffled chiffon. Modern bonding details bring the edge, inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe’s sexy black and white shots of a Lily. And let’s not forget [...]

Hunkemöller expands to China

Europe’s number one lingerie brand is opening their first store in Shanghai, China. Following the success of becoming the market leader in Europe, it is now time to take over the next part of the globe, in line with their expansion strategy. The store that will open June 13th is the first and 46 more Chinese stores are planned until 2023, giving the brand authority in the Chinese market. Hunkemöller currently has over 930 stores throughout Europe, including the most recently opened stores in Russia and the 400th store in Germany. “Opening in China has been a natural progression [...]

Hunkemöller Fashion Show 2019 #IamHKM

Danielle van Grondelle, Ann-Kathrin Götze, Vivian Hoorn, Elieve Ozyurt and Eli Cruz will Celebrate Beauty on this year’s catwalk On March 12th 2019 Hunkemöller will present their new collections in an amazing Fashion Show in AFAS Live Amsterdam. A diverse group of powerful girls will Celebrate Beauty at this year’s catwalk like Dutch curvy topmodel Danielle van Grondelle, German model and influencers Ann-Kathrin Götze and even 5 friends of the brand like Fine Bauer take the stage! After a successful edition last year, you can ‘Watch & Shop’ the styles you love! #IamHKM Big inspiration this year is being [...]


Share your Love in Hunkemöller’s Valentine collection

Share your Love in Hunkemöller’s Valentine collection Full-blown romance or steamy sensation, with a partner or without; we are celebrating all Love Stories This Valentine, Hunkemöller challenges everyone to create their own love story. Pick your pieces - and players if you like - and get things going in classic red lace or steamy strappy lingerie for a night to remember. Let the unwrapping begin; this Valentine collection is full of extras from fun and sexy hosiery to seductive kimonos. And do not forget the sexy accessories ;-)! Whether you are a full-blown romantic or love to spice things [...]

Hunkemöller wins Global Selligent Favorite Award 2020

Hunkemöller, Europe's fastest growing lingerie brand, has won the Global Selligent Favorites Award 2020. An amazing accomplishment for the Hunkemöller CRM team who utilized Selligent Marketing Cloud to streamline communications and develop smarter audience segmentations based on customer data – all while boosting engagement and revenue through its digital platforms. Hunkemöller leveraged Selligent’s AI-powered Smart Content capabilities to improve targeting, drive conversion, and better understand customers for improved long-term customer journeys. The strategy drove 54% lift in revenue, 61% boost in orders, a 44% click-through rate and 23% email open rate. Selligent Marketing Cloud (Selligent), an intelligent omnichannel marketing cloud platform, handed [...]

Get totally glam and sparkly in Hunkemöller’s luxurious new holiday collection.

Get totally glam and sparkly in Hunkemöller’s luxurious new holiday collection. Hunkemöller’s latest campaign ‘Everything is Glam’ celebrates the festive season with a sophisticated new collection for women everywhere to sparkle in. As an intense year draws to an end, it's time to let our hair down and enjoy the holiday season. A bit of dressing up and indulgence with friends does wonders for lifting the spirits – be it party, house party or zoom party. Hunkemöller’s Everything is Glam campaign launches with gorgeous lingerie collections in Lurex lace, velvet trim, sultry colours and of course all the extra rhinestones needed [...]

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